• Clara is a LED luminaire with and without HF sensor, for ceiling and wall mounting.
  • Clara has an IK class of 10 and is an ideal luminaire for mounting in storage rooms, utility rooms, workshops, etc.
  • Clara 11301 and 11303 has a hidden HF sensor and can be adjusted with lux, distance and time delay.
  • It is possible to connect several Clara luminaires with/without HF sensor, which turns on when the HF sensor is activated in a “master” luminaire.
  • Spacers can be purchased for visible cable installation.

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Clara HF sensor 3000K/1200 lm Item no.: 11301
Clara  3000K/1200 lm Item no.: 11302
Clara HF sensor 4000K/1350 lm Item no.: 11303
Clara 4000K/1350 lm Item no.: 11304
Spacers 15 pcs. in a bag Item no.: 12419
Cover   Item no.: 12418

Clara tegning

Clara 1
Clara 2
Clara 3