• Martina is a simple and stylish wall lamp, that gives a comfortable glare-free light.
    The light opening in the sides gives a “corona-effect” up on the walls.
  • Martina can be used both indoor and outdoor in homes, business, housing associations, hotels, etc.
  • The luminaire is made of die-cast aluminum and is available in anthracite grey or black, with or without halfmoon cover and is prepared for through-wiring with 3G1.5 mm2.
  • Delivered including spacers for visible mounting of cable.

Tuotenro EAN-koodi KPL nro Ulkomitta Kehyksen tyyppi Väri
13026 5713080130264 - Ø280 x94 mm - Antrasiittiharmaa
13027 5713080130271 - Ø280 x95 mm - Musta
13029 5713080130295 - Ø280 x95 mm - Antrasiittiharmaa
13030 5713080130301 - Ø280 x95 mm - Musta